Sunday, February 20, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

Parenting Tip #379

Sometimes you will need to run errands that will conflict with baby's nap schedule ::GASP::. You may find yourself sitting in a parking lot for over 30 mins (as I am at this very moment). Do yourself a favor and keep magazines, books, whatever floats your boat and is quiet in your vehicle. Trust me on this.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Product shout-outs for Toddlers

It feels like I just got done buying all the baby crap that I thought would make our life a little easier and then Cole goes and grows into a full blown toddler on me. the nerve. since the little man runs around all day (yes, runs, i am not exaggerating) i have to find things to make life easier-my life that is. here are a couple items that have bought me some good smoke breaks (ok, i don't smoke so i guess pee breaks?). ironically they almost all revolve around food/snacks.

  • Kiddopotamus Tinydiner Placemat- This is so awesome whenever we go anywhere. It was a godsend in Mexico, at the airport, when we go to the mall. I don't get skeeved out anymore when he eats finger foods off this mat.
  • 314W2GAWAZL._AA300_.jpg

    • Organic Freeze Dried Fruit/Veggies-I try different brands (pictured is just one brand off Amazon). I hate the idea of giving Cole a bunch of processed crap or stuff that has no nutritional value like graham crackers. his favs are peas, blueberries & strawberries.
    • Crunchy N Yummy Organic Variety Freeze Dried Fruits Mix 8-pack ( Mango, Pineapple, Banana, Papaya)
    • Plum Baby food Pouches- seriously amazing. they are like little smoothies for your tyke. Cole absolutely loves these. i bought a whole buttload before going to Mexico and they made our life sooo much easier. i haven't tried any of the other brands, but i just like the idea of the pouches in general. they just suck the puree right out, no spoons needed! Plum Organics Fruit Snack Strawberry Mish Mash 3.17 oz.
    • Jelly Bean Reversible Sling - probably the most inexpensive item i have bought ($8 at Target). it is the ultimate way to carry Cole when he has had it with his stroller or i don't want to lug it anywhere. it fits in my purse, easy to throw on and off & Cole is super comfy in it. best of all it is not painful (no shoulder or back pain)!
      Munchkin 18025 Jelly Bean Reversible Sling - Licorice Blossom - L

    Wednesday, February 2, 2011

    Mexico Pics!

    Ok, another reason I h8 blogger...I upload pics in the right order and they show up in reverse!
    Airport in Cancun. This pic is cool b/c Tom and I have pics at this same spot from our honeymoon.

    pool lovin...this guy loves the water. just like his momma!

    daddy packed the pj's!

    icky sand...get off my feet!

    first dip in the ocean!

    first steps on the sand. it freaked him out, he wouldn't walk without holding on to his daddy's hands!

    yo gabba gabba? check! crackers? check!

    i would blog more

    but i hate using blogger to blog. i always used windows livewriter before and it was a godsend. it made blogging so easy. well my dear husband bought me a macbook pro for christmas, ironically to allow me to blog more, and of course there is no livewriter for the mac or an equiv. for that matter. believe me i have researched and tried trials of other software. so i dread blogging even though i yearn to do it. it is just so tedious now. i mean to upload a pic takes forever. ok, vent is over. blogs will come.slowly.

    Tuesday, February 1, 2011

    Mexico with a baby/toddler

    We're back! Nothing like a good ol' trip to Mexico to make you appreciate your life even more! It was fun if you exclude the explosive diarrhea, my infected ingrown toenail, the terrifying trip to Playa del Carmen, the gross overpriced resort food and having the trip revolve around nap time! Would I recommend going with a toddler? Ummm, can you afford a nanny to come along with you? Then NO! I know there are a million people who would say otherwise. There were a lot of babies at our resort, only a handful of nannies so who knows what they think. Really though, it wasn't relaxing (I didn't have any expectations that it would be). Let me just say that Cole was awesome. He smiled at everyone, was very happy and loved his surroundings. He would sleep in his stroller at dinner & nap on the beach so we could hang out and have cocktails. We definitely had some moments that were laid back and relaxing. I guess you could say the traveling was the worst of it. On the plane ride down, Cole was either flirting and smiling or he was sleeping. On our way back home was a completely different story. It didn't help that there was a bad snow storm brewing back home. The last plane ride was BRUTAL! I had major motion sickness, Cole was overtired, and we had to circle our airport in turbulence because they were worried we wouldn't have enough traction to land, EEK! To make matters worse we were running out of fuel, seriously?! As Cole screamed and I thought about trying not to puke, we finally were allowed to land, Safely!!! I love Iowa. Pictures coming soon!

    Monday, January 24, 2011